DISCLAIMER: Our results and testimonials on this page are for clients who have given their informed consent to publish them, and are given only to illustrate our work. They do not guarantee any outcome, and the facts and circumstances of your situation may be different. Please also keep in mind that insurance policy limits often limit the total recovery potential.

Auto vs. Pedestrian – This accident involved an emergency room visit, but no serious injuries for our client – $43,000

Auto Sideswipe – This accident was directly on the driver side causing injury to our client who needed shoulder surgery – $100,000

Auto Rear-end – This highway accident caused back and neck injuries to our client – $140,000

Passenger – The injuries sustained by our client were because of a pre-existing medical condition which was aggravated in the accident. No-one else in the car was injured. $100,000

Rollover Accident – This highway rollover caused neck and back pain that resolved with therapy. $67,000